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If there is someone who can take away the limelight from the bride, it is a child. More if it is part of wedding entourage and is one of the flower girls or ring bears of the wedding.

Flowers girls and ring bears are small players in the wedding, and it is important to choose them well because they will have a very important role in the ceremony.

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So we bring you some tips to consider in choosing your flower girls and ring bears:

What child?

It is important that the couple are related to the children, especially the bride. Flowers girls and ring ears will help the bride and trust will be important for children to act with the utmost ease.
Grooms often choose children with those family relationships (children, nephews, cousins ​​…) or children of friends that have a very direct behavior.
It is important that children are sociable and have no stage fright as they will be surrounded by many people and will have a role where everybody will look at them.
How old?

The perfect age is between 3 and 7 years. In this way they can be fend for themselves and they do not seem too old.
Try to be children who walk and can walk alone or with the help of other children of wedding entourage.
How many?

If you marry in a large space like a cathedral or a large garden, the number of children may be higher, but if space is limited, like a chapel or a small room, it is better to opt for fewer children. It will be more comfortable for everyone and show more.
Try the group is balanced in terms of age and number of children.
Lets practice!

Children need to make an essay at home with their parents, feeling comfortable in their role as protagonists.
Parents should talk about that day and what they have to do, so that children become familiar with the wedding day.
If the couple are having rehearsal, it would be advisable kids attending to play their role with the couple and in the space where the wedding will be held.
What to wear?

Comfort: It is essential that children feel comfortable. We propose search an outfit that allows them to move and act naturally. It is important that the clothing is comfortable, not hot or cold, and wear comfortable shoes, then spend many hours with it on.
Style: Not to mention the comfort, the outfits would have to follow the style and color palette of the wedding and be the same for all children. If there are children of different ages will have to adapt to all of them.
Finally, you can not forget to designate an adult for the care and supervision of the entire wedding entourage. In this way we will ensure that children are supervised by an adult and that each child fulfills its role in the ceremony.

If you keep in mind all these details, everything turn out fine… And if not, do not despair, because children are children and act as such.

Photo source: Iuliana Dragoi.

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