Nati & Jaime Wedding

Nati & Jaime

“One of the best choices for our wedding, and not because the bride says it, but because all the guests congratulated us.
Almudena is a person who transmits security, has very good taste, is very detailed and creative. All of this was materialized on the day of the wedding in an impeccable organization and everything was on wheels.

His team of girls are super educated, cute and helpful with everyone, we are ENCHANTED and really make a difference..” Nati & Jaime

Araceli & Sanjay Wedding

Araceli & Sanjay

“From Almudena and her team I can only say that it has been the best money invested in the entire wedding budget.

She helped me during all the previous process and on Wedding day. It was amazing the work she did, we could not worry about everything and just think about enjoying.

If I have the chance to organize any event, I have no doubt that I will hire again Dandelion Events, because besides all the work they do, they provide a lot of tranquility, very necessary for these occasions. I recommend it 100%!” Araceli & Sanjay

Eva & Carlos Wedding

Eva & Carlos

“After a wedding in a different province than the residence one, which was the main reason why we hired the service, I do not think a wedding planner is essential. But it does help, and if someone thinks he/she needs it, I would recommend Dandelion.

The professional treatment of Almudena and her response to all my doubts almost at the moment has been excellent and it avoided me having to bother many people with them. She is organized and efficient, and the personal treatment has been very good too. We have a good feeling in general.” Eva & Carlos

Julia & Diego Wedding

Julia & Diego

Almudena and her team were incredible! We made all the preparations and the wedding day went smoothly, they were very attentive to our requirements for the wedding and we could see them perfectly replicated in our special day.

Almudena is an honest, and nice professional, and it it’s a pleasure to work with her. She was very flexible and took care of a number of issues very well. Before the wedding, our entire communication was by Skype and email and we only met in person a couple of days before the wedding. Our wedding took place in a very remote place and somehow she managed to get all the suppliers be on time and had everything perfectly organized. I recommend her to every bride!” Julia & Diego

Bridie & Duncan Wedding

Bridie & Duncan

“(…) Arranging a wedding from the UK I needed someone who knew the venue and local suppliers well, but I also wanted the freedom to really be involved in the selection of the suppliers and styling of the venue.

Almudena and I communicated via email over many months for the majority of the arrangements; we met at the venue once before the wedding to go through everything together, which really helped. She provided good advice in making decisions on where best to spend money when you don’t have an endless budget! (…)

The wedding day was more than I could have ever dreamed of, everything was perfect from the flowers to the layout of food stands, and our beautiful ceremony area. It really put my mind at ease having them there making sure everything went smoothly, Almudena made me feel relaxed and confident and we had fun together throughout the day! I was sad to say goodbye to Almudena the next day, and miss receiving her emails planning our amazing day! What a fantastic wedding day and that is thanks to Dandelion Events! Thank you so much!” Bridie and Duncan

Carolina & Pedro Wedding

Carolina & Pedro

Hiring Dandelion Events and especially Almudena was the best decision we could make in organizing our wedding. We had a pretty clear idea of the type of wedding we wanted (in the palace of Cordova, with lot of decoration, many details and that will leave an unforgettable memory in us and in our guests). And thanks to her we got married on 08/19/2017 and it was just as we had imagined.

She guided us and advised us for almost a year, she responded to each of my doubts and new ideas (some of them crazy) seeking solutions to the problems that arose and making the preparation of the wedding as beautiful as the wedding itself.

If I were to marry again, I would definitely hire her again. So from here too, we can only thank Almudena for all the affection with which she has treated us and our dream.” Carolina & Pedro

Ana & David Wedding

Ana & David

Talking about Dandelion Events, or her manager Almudena, is to talk about one of the best professionals I have ever met in my career, and believe me, I am so demanding with myself and everybody!

When you find a person who helps you prepare the wedding of your dreams you expect to be heard and make your thoughts come true for one of the most important days of your life, so that you only have to enjoy your day! 

Dandelion Events exceeds these expectations by miles. I am sure we had the most wonderful wedding in the world thanks to her absolute devotion and dedication. Many thanks Almudena, we will always carry you in our hearts…” Ana & David

Angela & Miguel Wedding

Angela & Miguel

Almudena was fantastic helping us prepare our wedding.

Her understanding of the region is excellent and she coordinated very well with all the suppliers.

The wedding day, she and her team were very professional and very approachable, something the guests specially appreciated.

I felt I didn’t have to worry about anything during the day and it was perfect.” Angela & Miguel

Francisco & Anthony Wedding

Francisco & Anthony

“Almudena and  Dandelion Events’ team have exceeded our expectations by miles! We had a bilingual wedding with guests from the 5 continents and a number of activities before and after the wedding which Dandelion Events organized for us. The ability to organize and the fantastic communication of the team were incredible from the very first moment because our wedding required many hours of preparation and work.

The wedding day, having them there made us be 100% relaxed at all times because they met the needs of our more than 150 guests. They were in charge of the coordination with suppliers, timing, guidance and the occurrence of any incident with us or the guests in a very nice and professional way.

Almudena has been more than a wedding organizer, she has been a fully reliable friend who let us be free of worries, not concerned and afford something a lot of couples forget to do: To enjoy! We are very satisfied with the service received and definitely would recommend it to any couple who is thinking of getting married in Granada or Andalucía.”

Elena & James Wedding

Elena & James

“You can not say anything bad about the quality of service provided by Dandelaion Events; At all times I felt supported by Almudena, something very important since I was organizing the wedding from abroad.

In addition, the sympathy and joy that Almudena made to his work in the day to day also helped me not to stress and to enjoy a little too.

With them on my wedding day I did not have to worry about anything, I fully trusted them and they showed me how much they enjoy their work and how well they do it. I could not recommend them more!.” Elena

Silvia & Raúl Wedding

Silvia & Raul

Almudena has made it a reality the wedding we wanted, exceeding our expectations.

We only had 4 months to do it and gave us all the energy to go ahead, with good surprises for my partner and for me.” Raúl

Patricia & Lorenzo Wedding

Patricia & Lorenzo

“Almudena is a great travel companion when it comes to plan a wedding. She takes nerves away and you appreciate her closeness, kindness and experience all the time. We don’t live in Granada and have a little girl so counting on her service helped us be more calm and without fighting. Furthermore, if you want a slightly different wedding without losing the essence of your tastes with the last-minute nerves, she knows how to capture that essence and help to realize everything. We had a cocktail-type wedding (that was for sure), and everything went great. Almudena is nice, close, funny and she will never let you down. Thanks for everything.” Patricia

“Almudena and her team helped us a lot from the previous preparations until the wedding day. She advised us in a very right way in all the decisions we made and she managed that for us, the preparation of the wedding was much more relaxed. The wedding day, thanks to her presence, we, the bride and the groom, could enjoy the day far more. Completely advisable.” Lorenzo

Mª José & Juan Mª Wedding

Mª José & Juan Mª

“I contacted Almudena by referral of a friend to coordinate our wedding day on July 30, both the religious ceremony and the subsequent celebration and I can say her coordination service was flawless.

I am extremely demanding and thoughtful and (…) the result not only for my preparation but for the previous help of Almudena who was absolutely involved in the organization of that day, was perfect. I recommend her because she is a great professional and counting on a wedding planner for your wedding day and the previous months if necessary is the best investment you can make.

With Almudena and her company, your wedding is a guaranteed success, you can trust a bride with a very high level of exigency. Do not hesitate to contact her. Thanks, Almudena. We will always take you in our hearts. A big kiss from Juan María and me.”

Cristina & Javier Wedding

Cristina & Javier

“After carrying out some research, we chose Almudena from Dandelion Events as our wedding planner to help us organize our wedding in less than 45 days. We can only say that it as a great success, both us and our guests were hyper satisfied with their professionalism, know-how and kindness.

The only bad thing is not being able to repeat it again next week. Absolutely advisable!”

Cristina & Javier

Susana & Juan Pedro Wedding

Susana & Juan Pedro

“(…) Our experience with Almudena has been very positive and today we would hire her again without a doubt. We celebrated our wedding on July 2, at Palacio de los Córdova and we wanted it full of surprises and details. We started to plan it from Madrid, but there were a lot of things which turned to be more difficult to do, so we contacted Dandelion Events who have always listened to our proposals and ideas and helped us get them carried out in the best way you could imagine.

Almudena is a very good professional who takes the responsibility of everything before and after the wedding, and also looks for solutions for the setbacks which may arise. We enjoyed our wedding a lot, knowing that Almudena was caring about everything as we had planned it. Thanks a lot for everything, see you the next event. A big kiss.” Susana

Raquel & Jesús Wedding

Raquel & Jesús

100% advisable, great professionalism and a fantastic treatment, the wedding went great. I can say I am a bride who completely enjoyed her wedding, without any anxiety knowing that they were there, and so it was.  A thousand thanks, girls!” Raquel

“If fairy godmothers exist, our Wedding Planner was ours. We are so grateful and so happy with all the work carried out by Dandelion Events to have the wedding of our dreams. Every detail was present and they took the responsibility to have everything perfectly done on the wedding day. Without a doubt, if they aren’t the best, at least, they are among the best. We made the best decision in due time.” Jesús

Fátima & Juan Jesús Wedding

Fátima & Juan Jesús

“Feeling a professional takes your wedding as her own gives you the assurance you need before and during that day. I am so grateful for the illusion and  good vibrations we received all the time from Dandelion Events.” Fátima

“The service and professionalism of Almudena and her team were impressive, they made the most important day in our lives perfect and the best one. Always careful and available for everything. During the preparations, they help us choose from all the providers of all the services.” Juan Jesús

Emilio & Juan Carlos Wedding

Emilio & Juan Carlos

“We were so lucky to count on the services offered by Dandelion Events. Their professionalism is unique. We will recommend them a thousand times. Almudena is an incredible wedding planner. Absolutely fantastic.” Emilio

“I will recommend their services over and over. Great professionalism and adaptability! An outstanding mark, without a doubt! Almudena is always there for any request.  She gives a thousand ideas and choices to your thoughts. Certainly it has been a pleasure to count on her.” Juan Carlos

Cristina & Jesús Wedding

Cristina & Jesús

“I only have words of thanks for Almudena. She is a person who personally involves in everything she does and, above all, who cares about calming you down in those moments when you think that something isn’t going to turn out as you expected, looking for solutions. I would tell those people who think they don’t need this service that the wedding day they will understand the importance of counting on her. I suggest that if your really want to enjoy every detail of your wedding, don’t hesitate to count on Almudena, who will be there so that you can enjoy yourselves with your dear ones without any worries. A big kiss for you!”

Cristina & Jesús

Sara & Nacho Wedding

Sara & Nacho

“We are very grateful for having found and counted on Almudena and Dandelion’s team to carry out our wedding. Their professional resources are excellent and they take the responsibility to get things done the way one expects them or even better and we want to highlight the huge human quality we have found in them.

Most certainly, we would count on them and will count on them to organize a wedding or any other kind of similar event. It is an absolutely worthwhile investment and which we 100% recommend in order to enjoy such an important day as it befits. A million thanks for everything!!”

Sara & Nacho

Lola & Carlos Wedding

Lola & Carlos

“Leaving your wedding organization in the hands of Dandelion Events is the easiest decision you are going to make in order to have it organized. You just have to meet Almudena to realize that she will put so much affection and perfection in every detail. Your wedding couldn’t be less “tailored-made.” An excellent professional and even a better person.” Lola

Absolutely advisable, Almudena is a lovely person both as a planner and as a mistress of ceremony. Although we contracted her just to officiate the wedding, she put us in contact with the photographers and live musicians. Everything was perfect!” Carlos

Mª Paz & Ginés Wedding

Mª Paz & Ginés

“Our wedding has been very emotive and special. Thanks for the professionalism and attention paid, and also for the affection received by Almudena Fernández and her team. We want to congratulate you because it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Thanks for everything! Kisses.” Mª Paz

Emma & Alberto Wedding

Emma & Alberto

“Thanks a lot to Almudena, for her great job in our wedding. We were delighted with her from the very first moment. As we live away, we spoke with her on Skype and communicated by email. She always replied and answered all our questions very quickly. Although we didn’t meet her personally until one week before the wedding, we were sure about leaving her the responsibility of organizing and preparing our wedding. When we met her personally, Almudena was very nice and friendly. She also showed us all her work and preparations she had already done so far. She was a very important person for us, making it possible that the wedding day was free of drawbacks. Specially, Almudena was a cornerstone in our situation, since I am from Canada and my husband is Spanish. She could Speak English and Spanish with the guests, making the wedding less stressing for us. Thank you so much again, Almudena! We recommend Almudena, specially if you need someone able to speak both languages.” Emma

Teresa & Francisco Wedding

Teresa & Francisco

“We chose Dandelion Events for the coordination of our wedding. This day is a very exciting one and you only want everything goes as you’ve dreamed of and so it was, they were there from the very first moment helping us get everything perfectly done. We recommend the service 100%, because letting such important things in the hands of people who you really trust is a great success.” Teresa

On our wedding day, we wanted everything under the control of professional people so we could be free of the stuff of guests at the church, buses, paying suppliers, guests’ help, setting everything… So we trusted Dandelion Events. The truth is that our expectations were met, they oversaw everything we had prepared and thought and everything went well. Thanks to Almudena and her team for turning that day into an unforgettable one.” Francisco

Esther & Antonio Wedding

Esther & Antonio

“We wanted to celebrate our wedding in a cortijo (country house), as simple and customized as possible, where we could take care of all we could, so we had never thought about the need of this kind of services. However, we have been able to check the great work that Dandelion Events does, particularly, Almudena, who we are most thankful to.

The wedding day, they paid a fantastic customized attention to us, organizing everything, placing every detail of the decoration we handcrafted. They watched out every detail and in spite of the typical unforeseen and small issues, we didn’t learn about anything as they were there to fit everything on the fly. We really were able to concentrate on enjoying the wedding and nothing else, not only us, but our parents too, especially my mother who wanted that everything would be perfect. And it was. We owe you the utmost gratitude…”

Johana & Damian Wedding

Johana & Damian:

Our marriage (….) was the most wonderful day of our lives. Do not hesitate to confirm that this would not have been possible without Almudena. (…)

I got an appointment with Almudena in Granada, and when we met she gave us very good vibration. She really knew of her work. I must say Almudena was able to win my confidence day after day, with her hard work and commitment to our wedding. She is a hardworking person, and comes fully to your wedding, making you feel your wedding is something important for her too, satisfying your requirements and further advising you about the protocol and the latest trends. And though she really is the expert at weddings, never imposes her opinion ”

To read the full review click here.

Inma & Dani Wedding

Inma & Dani:

Dandelion Events became our dream to have exactly the wedding we wanted. They listened, advised and accompanied us at all times, from the budget request until after the wedding day.

They are professional, flexible, versatile and, above all, provide a personalized service. They took care of every detail of the wedding (in the religious ceremony and in the reception venue). It was a great idea to hire them because organizing a wedding is not simple and to have their support enabled us to enjoy every moment without sacrificing time for the technical issues, that on the other hand, they know better than anyone by their great experience. We only have words of thanks for Dandelion Events. We recommend this company without question and, in particular, our wedding planner, Almudena.

Verónica & Gabriel Wedding

Verónica & Gabriel:

“Hi, my name is Veronica and I got married in August 2014. My experience with them was great. You always think that your wedding will be beautiful but, with them, it was more than beautiful. Everything went perfect and I mean it.

I am delighted and I recommend this company. They offer such a human service and they are wonderful.

Thank you so much for making our dreamy wedding come true!!”

Marta & Moisés Wedding

Marta & Moisés:

“Hi we are a couple who got married in late June 2013. Did not know where to start organizing the wedding … we lived in Granada but we wanted to get married and a couple recommended we look for an event organizer. So we seek help and we found at Dandelion Events.

We were somewhat skeptical about hiring an event organizer … but once the big event, we can ensure that the money we invest was the better we spent, as they have a meticulous attention to every detail, they allow you forget about many aspects and we realice full confidence and involvement (as their own wedding). So we can say that we have saved money and been very satisfied with Dandelion Events and, above all, with Almudena.

It was a lovely wedding, more than we could imagine.

Almudena Thanks for everything!”

Mar & José Wedding


“Almudena, meeting has been a pleasure and exciting at the same time, you’ve shown tenderness and you are a very good professional; never change and continue expanding that love you have inside of you. Get a kiss, you are part of us”.


“Almudena, you’re part of me. I have been so lucky to find you, that this day would not have been the same without you. I was so calm and confident because you were next to me and I believe and trust in you, in your work and in your heart. You put everything as if it was for yourself. You are a sweetheart and do not ever change because knowing you is to love you. Get a big kiss and a hug from the bottom of my heart.”

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