Desiree & Jesús Wedding

Date: May 2014     ·     Category:  Wedding at Castle    ·    Photography: Irina Henschel    ·    Place: Hospedería del Zenete ‘s Hotel 


The wedding of Desirée and Jesus arrived to our life by chance. The fate (especially for us) wished that this lovely couple must be  the winner of the prize we raffled at Granada Bridal event: a Wedding Planner Service.

But at Dandelion Events we believe that nothing happens by chance, but rather by causality.

Besides, that 1st of February was Desirée’s birthday, who left her children with her sisters to attend the event we had organized and which appeared be the best gift for her.

In appreciation for coming to celebrate her birthday with us, the first piece of cake from our sweet table was for her, and we didn’t even know what would happen later! Emotions didn’t end there, they increased and when her name stood to gain the raffle she told us: ‘this prize has come from heaven… you don’t know how I need it.’

The same week of the wedding, Desirée had to go to Valencia to take a course which could help her to get a job… Don’t fool ourselves, nowadays it is reason to be happy. But for a bride, who is about to get married, it’s a crossroads; she wouldn’t be back until just a few hours before the wedding time. Our help suited her to a tee, and we were very happy because the prize was really useful!

From the moment we met, we told her: ‘Nothing happens by chance Desirée! You must have the wedding you’ve dreamed of, enjoy it… and today is your birthday; fate had this gift for you because you deserve it.’

And we were so right!… and so wrong too, we were the lucky ones for having met Desirée, Jesus, their children, Hugo and Enzo, and his adorable family!

Dandelion Events’ details

Like in any service of Wedding Planner, we met the couple about a month before the wedding. We visited the hotel where they would celebrate both: their civil wedding and the subsequent banquet. There, in Hotel Hospedería del Zenete, we coordinated with the maitre and we organized all the details for the wedding day: assembly and location of the ceremony, layouts, location of the sweet tables, the cake cutting, the gift giving, the first dance… Everything that Desirée and Jesus had been organizing last year.

Subsequently we took care of the script coordination for the ceremony with the officiant, gathered all the readings of the participants in the ceremony and coordinated all the details with the Dj and the music responsible, as well as the photographer and the cameraman.

The wedding day, with the Wedding Book that we had made of their wedding, we oversaw all the details that Desirée and Jesus had been working on and which we had joined the previous month.

They had a gorgeous wedding and an unforgettable photo shoot next to the castle of La Calahorra, where Sugar Wedding Photographer took some spectacular photos.

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