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The head-dress is an accessory that is taking root in the women fashion design. Although for many women it remains an exclusive accessory of high society weddings, increasingly the guests who attend all types and styles of weddings choose to complement their outfit with a good head-dress. The head-dress is not only a symbol of elegance, but also of respect for the newlyweds.

To know how to choose the right head-dress for every event and wear it correctly, we have written a few tips on the head-dress’s protocol. Take out pen and paper and take note:

General advice about head-dress’s protocol

  1. Size: As the day grows, the size decreases. In the morning we will opt for larger sizes with volume and in the afternoon we will opt for smaller sizes.
  2. Placement: According to the protocol, the head-dress is placed on the right side and leaning on the forehead. The reason for this location is that women, according to protocol, often go on the right of gentlemen, so the head-dress placement does not disturb the conversation. Furthermore the head-dress is placed on this side for an aesthetic reason because the hair part is often on the left. Also it is on the right side of the head where most of hair grows and it helps to place it better. However, take into account that the trend of this season is to place it as centered as possible.
  3. Costume and headdress: The dress and head-dress should be supplemented. A striking dress is complemented by a more discreet head-dress, and a simple dress with a more elaborate headdress. The head-dress should not overshadow the dress and the opposite.
  4. The head-dress is not to be removed: We should not take off the head-dress in the entire celebration. But if we take it off we only can do it when the couple has opened the dance, never before that. Ideally, we must fulfill the motto: “the woman who leaves with a head-dress on, returns home with head-dress”.
  5. Comfort: It is very important to feel comfortable with the head-dress that you choose because you are going to wear it for many hours. Do not feel awkward or embarrassed because a nice and well played head-dress is a very flattering and a very elegant complement. But do not forget the comfort criteria when choosing yours.
  6. Greetings: When greeting or giving two kisses, two ladies who are wearing head-dresses must avoid colliding with them. For this reason, they will kiss each other on the left side (the opposite side where the head-dress is), or they will simulate a kiss without actually giving it. This way we can avoid uncomfortable situations.

After taking into account these general advice, let’s see more criteria for choosing the most appropriate headdress for both morning and afternoon wedding:

Morning Wedding

We understand as a morning wedding the wedding that takes place until 6 pm. For a morning wedding you must take into account the following indications:

– Size: We can wear big head-dresses like dish, pamela or hat styled ones.

– Colours: During the all sorts of colors are allowed, though you avoid white color reserved to the bride. It is not recommended to choose a tone reserved for the newlyweds’ close family (as the godmother, bride / groom’s sister, bride’s mother) if you know it. Always opt for bright colors associated to the morning weddings.

– Finishes: All kinds of materials and finishes are allowed, even the ones that have net or veil. The only material or finished you should avoid is metallic fabrics and tones or more jeweled head-dresses which are reserved for the night.

Afternoon Wedding

Any wedding starting at 6 pm is considered an afternoon wedding. In these weddings, with regards to head-dresses, there are more limitations:

– Size: We may choose a smaller and with less volume head-dress. It is not permitted to wear pamela and hat styled, which are exclusively reserved for morning weddings.

– Colors: Fancy or metallic colors like gold or silver are reserved for afternoon weddings.

– Finishes: The rhinestones, sequins and colorful materials are reserved for the night.

I think with these tips you can choose your perfect head-dress. Surely, after the first experience you will repeat. And if you are the bride, do not miss our post about head-dresses’ trends for this year.

Photo source: Luis Cabeza.

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