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Today we bring you a DIY that is simple to make, fast, economical and also is environmentally friendly. And it costs very little to take advantage of what nature has to offer without damaging it and using the resources of each season.

Today’s proposal is to recycle fallen logs to find them and converting them into a precious basis for designing your own centerpiece.

We applied this DIY applied to Inma&Dani’s wedding of Inma & Dani and with it we designed the centerpieces for their wedding. We take fallen logs and gave a new life. If you want to get ideas of how to apply this DIY and creating new original objects for your wedding and events, you can get more ideas on this other post that we published a while ago.

To make this DIY you need only the following materials:


– Wooden slices.

– Sanding machine.

– Varnish.

– Paintbrush.

Step 0

As you know we always start with step 1, but today I ask that the first step to start this DIY you order to a carpenter. This step 0 is simply to cut the trunk that you have selected into slices about 3-5 inches thick. It is important that if you do not have the right materials, and especially if the trunk is large, you order a carpenter that cut for you the slices. If you rely on the materials and enough experience you can do yourself, but do not run any unnecessary risks when surely you know a carpenter of confidence that can do it for you and in much less time.


Step 1

Now. The first thing you have to do is sand the wood slices on both sides, insisting on the most uneven parts and edges, where there are always chips.


Step 2

Once all the pieces are well sanded give a first coat of varnish. We chose one colorless water to maintain the color of the wood original. But as always, it depends on your taste and needs.


We repeat the operation on both sides and edges. We gave two coats for best results.


Let it dry and ready. So they were our wooden bases in Inma&Dani’s wedding. We made various combinations on each table, combining small, medium and large pieces getting a nice result. What do you think?


Images source: Dandelion Events.

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