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Finally we bring you the second part of last week DIY. We know you were waiting with interest, because many of you have sent us messages asking the second part… And it is true that after seeing the last week post, probably many of you thought “a DIY that only involves painting boxes?”. Nope …it is not a DIY about painting crates, but this first part were the homework you had to do to make the actual DIY.

As you see the wait has been worth it, and in this second part of today you will have all the keys to make a beautiful wooden crates. You will be able to customize again and again to give different uses and create different decorative styles, since it is a DIY that lets you continue working with them a thousand times … so as your imagination allows! We can think of a thousand ideas and soon we will prepare another post that inspires you and you find them the idea that best suits you.

To do this DIY you need the following materials:


– Different types of fabrics.

– Pencil.


– Paperboard.

– Iron.

– Scotch tape.

– Scissors.

Step 1

First one we place the boxes on the cardboard.


And with the pencil mark the outline.

Step 2

We make a portion of the corners must be cut.


Step 3

Get a template like this. In this template we will have to reduce one centimeter on each side when we cut with the cutter.

Step 4

Detach the cardboard template.


And we get the first of the templates.


We repeat the operation until you have all the bases of our boxes.


Step 5

We prepare the fabric a little larger than the box size. We cut and ironed.


We place the fabric on the base and we turn it.


On the back we stick fabric with scotch tape adjusting everything.


We use this type of tape instead of other materials like hot glue or double sided tape that allows you to remove and put different fabrics without damaging fabrics and base in excess. But you can use the material suits better with your project. Everything depends on the durability that you want to give them.


Next we introduce the base in adjusting the box as possible to the edges.


And ¡ready! We have our first box lined with a beautiful fabric.


Repeat the operation with the remaining boxes.


Once you’re done with all of them you can use them to decorate as you like it more. We suggest you use assemble a pyramid structure that will be used to decorate any kind of event, from a wedding to a corporate event. Whether together or individually can certainly get a lot out of these precious boxes.


images source: Dandelion Events.

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