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Our Wedding Designer side is always looking for new items to be adaptable to our Weddings with Soul, especially Handmade Weddings, our crafted wedding service for couples who want every detail of their wedding is special, especially made for them.

For some time we had an eye on these beautiful wooden fruit crates and they have been stored in our studio to have enough to make this DIY. As you see this is the first part of the DIY and next week we will bring you the second part which I am sure you will love it.

But not anticipate events and focus on this part. In this tutorial we will prepare these wooden crates which will do something special. Be patient it will be worth it.

Need the following materials:


– Wooden fruit crates, at least half a dozen, with a big size.

– Wooden water-based paint.

– Paint tray, brushes and roller.

Step 1

Prepare the paint in te paint tray and started painting the outside of the crate. We started on the sides.


Step 2

Once we are finished with all sides we will paint the bottom of the box.


Step 3

Once we’re done with the first coat of paint we will leave the crates in the sun to dry thoroughly.


Step 4

Repeat the operation with all boxes and give as many coats as necessary. We put three coats of paint on the outside.


Step 5

Once they have dried we will paint boxes inside. We start with to paint he cornes with a brush for good access to all parts.


We will have the following result.


Then paint with roller side first and then the bottom. We will give at least two coats of paint.


Let it dry and ready! We have prepared our boxes waiting for the second part of this DIY. You will have to wait until next week to see the final result… Although currently they are pretty nice, aren’t they?


Images source: Dandelion Events

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